Christmas Devotion:

Rejoice, Rejoice Believers

This hymn was written on 1819, and is one that many people today have never heard.  Let’s look at the second verse of this song;

See that your lamps are burning; Replenish them with oil;

Look for now for your salvation, The end of sin and toil.

The watchers on the mountain
Proclaim the Bridegroom near;

Go meet Him as He cometh, With Alleluias clear.

This verse is based on the parable of the ten virgins found in Matthew 25:1-13.  And this warning that this parable teaches – to be ready for Christ when He comes – is still so true today. 

Are the lamps within us that shine forth the light of Christ still filled with the Spirit?  The call is going forth even now – “behold the Bridegroom is drawing near” – are you ready this Christmas time to meet Him?  Is your cry “Alleluia, we are ready to greet Him”?  Or is something else – perhaps “not yet” or “tomorrow is better for me”.

We know the hour of His first coming, we will celebrate that fact on Christmas Day.  But His return and second coming – “Keep watch, because you don’t know the day or the hour.”

Steve Pettit