Christmas Devotion:

I enjoy old hymn books and have several from a few years ago from different denominations. I thought it might be interesting to have my devotionals reflecting verses from old hymns and carols that most of us will never know. The first verse is from an old hymn that most of us heard however, “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus“, written in 1715. I’d like to call your attention to verse 4: By Thine own eternal Spirit, Rule in all our hearts alone; By Thine all-sufficient merit, Raise us to Thy glorious throne. What a call for Christmas to respond to during this time of year. Two different expectations- the first is a call for us to let Christ rule, and Him alone. At this time of year, so many other things will seek to replace Christ’s rule in our hearts-don’t let them. Christ alone is worthy of that spot. The second expectation is to be raised from the smallness of our being to stand in the presence of God’s throne room, with everything that He promised us will be there. The writer of this hymn calls it a glorious place; in truth how glorious that day will be! Celebrate that as a fact this season! Steve Pettit